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Do you speak Hostivar (11.12.)
Tramping in Charles University (23.8.)
The Great Czechs (22.8.)
Scams in Prague (18.6.)
Shopping Paradises (17.6.)

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Here are some of pics in gallerias. They can also be found attached to stories

Sternberk Castle 19.2.
Pics about Sternberk castle 40 km southeast from Prague.

Masters Promotion 1.3.
Pics about Masters Promotion in Charles University.

Menza 5.3.
Pics about foods at Menza.

Kutná Hora 6.3.
Pics about mining town.

Brevnov Monastery 22.3.
Benedictine monastery in Prague.

Castles 17.4.
Castles around Czech.

Budapest 3.5.
Spring of Budapest.

Karlovy Vary 7.5.
Some views to bath town.

Krkonose 5.6.
Views from Krkonose national park.