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Do you speak Hostivar

In Hostivar, the magical place where they stuff all the Erasmus students, now one of the staff speaks ether Finnish or English. They manage few phrases with Germany and Russia but it’s good to know some basics from Czech. And here it is, we give you a free crash course to the wonderful world of Czech language. When you learn these and show your talents to the staff of Hostivar, we’ll guarantee that attitude towards you change. And if it doesn’t, remain them of the blonde Viking couple that came from Finland and lived with them at spring 2005 and at least in that point the attitude should change. Let’s hope that their employee will also give them free Finnish or English lesson some day.

My roommate is snoring. I would like to change the roommate.
Muj spolubydlící chrápe, chtel bych ho vymenit

Where is the nearest grocery store?
Kde je nejbližší supermarket?

I would like to use a hot iron. How much does it cost?
Moje žehlicka je horká. Kolik to stojí?

There is a party in sixth floor on Saturday. Where can we put an advertisement about them?
V sobotu je na šestém patre párty. Mohl bys prinést víc chlastu a zhasnout z patra svetlo na celou noc?

Is it possible to party tonight little bit longer in our floor?
Nebude ti vadit když dnes v noci zdemolujeme naše patro?

I would like to have one sandwich please.
Kurecí polévka ti padne k tvému svetru.

I would like to use the laundry.
Mohl bys vyprat moje špinavé prádlo?

I don’t have any money right now. Could I pay the rent at the day after tomorrow?
Nemám žádné peníze. Mohl bys zavolat mé máme?

I would like to use a vacuum cleaner.
Muj pokoj je špinavý, tak bys ho mohl uklidit.

I don’t have any electrical devices.
V mém pokoji je spousta elektického zarízení, které není na seznamu.

Do you have any new mail for me?
Ceská pošta je lína jako ty?

There is no room in our fridge anymore. Could you bring a new one?
Mám v pokoji tisíc chladnicek. Mohl bys mi prinést další?

There is a problem with our toilet.
Mám problém s kurecí polévkou.

Where can I change my bed sheets?
Vadilo by ti kdybych si v noci namocil prosteradlo?

If you find yourself unsuccessful with this language course, you should check out how the Czech special characters are spelled. And when the sentences come inadequate to your needs, I suggest that you learn Czech language more thoroughly.