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The Great Czechs

There was election this year to find out who is the greatest Czech. This was done in the same BBC format as it has been done in many other countries and the TV program proved to be very popular. We could have guessed the first three in the vote but their order is a matter of opinion. When this election was held in Finland, many voted for Väinö Myllyrinne, who was the biggest man ever lived in Finland. This was audience way to say how ridicule the election was. Czechs wanted to make same kind of statement. Jára Cirmrman was long on their list. He was a genius, scientist, explorer, chemist, writer, composer and much more. There was only one down side on the man – he was imagination of two radio reporter, who invented him in 1966 to a radio show, which became very popular. Television company avoided shame, as Jára didn’t mach in finals with other compatriots. The list of top three in the election looks following.

1. Charles IV (1316-1378)

Charles IV was the king of Bohemia and also was elected to be emperor of the Holy German-Roman Empire. He prospered Czech and made Prague on of finest cities in Europe and that’s what people still come to amaze. Read more…

2. Tomás Garrigue Masaryk (1850-1937)

Tomás G. Masaryk was strong person in creation of the First Republic of Czech that lasted from 1918 to 1938. In fact the whole time is personalised on him. Masaryk was elected to first president of Czechoslovakia, mostly because of his moral skills. Before he became a president he protected a Jewish boy, who was accused of ritual murder, and all Jewish people from lynching of Czech journalists. Masaryk put his own authority on stake and was also criticised by newspapers, but he staid with the Jews. Only later it was clear to say that he was a head of his time. Tomás Masaryk was also important to Czechs because in him was identified the Czechoslovakian citizen. His father was Slovak who worked in Moravia and his mother was Bohemian who had German background.

3. Václav Haval

Václav Havel was only living person in finals. He became famous fighting against the communist human rights violations. Havel was one of main figures in Charta 77, which was why he was imprisoned as political prisoner for few years. When he got out he continued the battle and led the country to democracy in bloodless Velvet Revolution in 1989. After this he was elected to president for two terms. This year the ex-president announced that he is continuing his playwrighters career that were on hold during his presidency.

Here are few picks out of top three:

Jan Hus (1371-1415)

From Catholic point Jan Hus was a reformer of the church. From the point of view of everyone else he was a protestant. In any case, hi triggered reformation of Catholic church and gave a lot of thinking for many. He was the speaker of truth and defended it until the very end. Famous sayings of Hus are for example ”Veritas Vincit” (truth prevails) and “seek the truth, listen the truth, learn the truth, speak the truth, keep the truth, defend the truth until you die and the truth will redeem you”. Phrases which many Czech should look into these days. Jan Hus was burned at stake 6th of June 1415 accused of heresy.

Milada Horáková (1901-1950)

She was victim of Stalinist court. Bendless trough the long hearing she defended her self and the truth. She was executed 27.6.1950.