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Shopping Paradises

Finding especially good shops from the big city could be sometimes extremely hard. There are usually a lot of places to use, but which one of them is really the best? We found a couple of very interesting places:

Flora Palace in green line of Metro contains trend shops but also places with reasonable prices. Metropolis in Zlicin in the end of Yellow line is similar one. Clockhouse and surprisingly also C&A turned out to be best of the individual shops. Both of them you can find around Mustek and Vaclavske Namesti.

Vaclavske Namesti

One of us found his personal treasure house from Levné Knihy bookstores. One of them you can find from shopping centre Eden that lies via tramline 22 near stop Slavia

Hiking Equipments
The group of hiking shops locates in Na Perštýne street near to the Tesco Supermarket. There is e.g. big store of RockPoint, where you can find everything from climbing to city walks.

Bookstores like Kanzelsberger and NeoLuxor in Vaclavske Namesti are perhaps the best places to look after books in English.

Riding Equipments
Dance and Jump in Milady Horákové street in Holesovice is not the cheapest one, but there you can find everything necessary.

Maps and Travel Guides
Kiwi and Adventure in Jungmannova street are together maybe the most destructive thing to my wallet. There you can find all maps from pocket size to big wall sheets. Moreover there is different travel guides from almost every country in the world.

General Things
You can find almost everything from Tesco in Narodni Trida or Carrefour in Eden. But keep a distance to food department of Tesco. It is always full of people and because of that very anguishing place.

In personally I would take a car and drive for example to Novy Bor to buy crystals directly from factory shops or glass makers, but if you don’t have enough time for that, go to the “factory shop” of Chrystalex in Malé Námésti square. It has most reasonable prices and best products.