Do you speak Hostivar (11.12.)
Tramping in Charles University (23.8.)
The Great Czechs (22.8.)
Scams in Prague (18.6.)
Shopping Paradises (17.6.)

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First thins you come a cross is a fantastic old centre full of protected buildings. The Charles Bridge leads over the Vltava (Moldau). The Pragues Castle and high rising Cathedral of St. Vitus rule the town view. Gothic, renaissance and baroque buildings decorate the city all over.

Language barrier stands before you as you step aside from the midtown. "Sprehen Sie Deutch?" would work better. Some don’t even know their way with that.

The country is full of heavenly good meet food and beer. If you find your way out of old town, you’ll find them one third of the prise from there.

This is how our last journey two years ago ended and so begins the new one lasting whole spring 2005.