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Castle Extra

It is not hard to imagine where all fantasia and adventure games got their ideas. Also look for the map confirms that the whole land is full of castles and chateaus. In every curve of river and top of hill has its own castle and village around it. Souvenirs shops also sells special castle maps where is hard to find names of places because the whole surface is covered by images of castles.


Prague Castle

Prague Castle is probably the most famous castle in Czech. Actually it is not a real castle but a collection of different buildings that together make a formation that look like castle. The castle is founded a very long time ago, but this version is from 1800 century.



Karstejn castle is near to Prague and because of that it is very famous. Castle is also the most beautiful of these that I have seen. It really looks like a traditional castle. Charles IV founded the castle in 1400 century to safeguard of crown jewels, but almost all that you can see is from1900 century when the castle restored very well.


Sternbeck castle was founded in 1400 century. It was one of most powerful fortifications in Czech. The interior of castle is partly quite old that is not so sure in every castle. See also previous article Castle Trip (19.2.) where is more information of this castle.

Krumlov Chateau

Krumlov château is the second-largest castle in Czech. With the medieval centre of Cesky Krumlov it forms a really fantastic entity. The castle was founded in 1300 century and its tower is from 1200 century. Many remarkable families have owned it during the times.

Nelahozevesin linna - Nelahozeves Castle

Nelahozeves Renaissance Castle was founded in 1600 century and it represents bohemian architecture. Façade of the castle is very beautiful. There is a remarkable art collection in the castle and e.g. musical instruments and manuscripts of Mozart and Beethoven. See also article CIEE (10.4.)

Valdštejnin linnoitus - Valdštejn Fortress

Valdštejn Fortress is probably the eldest one in whole Czech paradise area (Cesky Raj). At first it belongs to Valdštejn family at a very short time. After that the owners of castle changes quite often until heavily damaged castle was returned back to Valdštejn family. Unique pilgrimage place was build in the castle in 19th century. In the first half of 2000-century owners of the castle build a lot of tourist tracks and look-out points around the castle and after that the castle was more accessible to visitors. See also article CIEE (10.4.)

Mostin linna - Most Castle

Castle of Most (also called castle of Hnevin) locates on the castle mountain (Hnevin). First remains of castle are from 9th century, but actual stone castle was founded in 12th century. Castle has an interesting history. It has been the place on alchemists of Rudolph II and during the wars it always attracted enemies. See also article CIEE (10.4.)