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Castle Trip

We weren't quite satisfied about Archbishops Palace because it was perhaps a bit too loud. That's why we are still continuing to search apartment for us. We checked Sternbeks Castle located 40 km southwest from Prague. This castle is built in 14th century and was owned by nobleman and priest called Sternbek. He tried to advance Czech national culture. Furniture’s of the castle are from different periods. Oldest are from 15th century but most of them are from 19th century. Most of them represent renaissance or rococo style. In the castle there is small chapel that was used as town church and that's why they still don't have a church in town. Noblemen of the castle had good relations to Vienna and to king of France, from who few of furniture’s are gifts.

In the castle are several rooms for leisure and work. There is a library that contains books mostly from 19th century. Pink room was kept warm all year long because it was very small one. Heating system wasn't normal. Servants heated the room outside so that smoke wouldn't bother the nobles. If you felt tired you could take a nap in baroque sleeping room but only if you are less than 150 centimetres long because of very small bed. In the hunting room are over 2000 animal objects mostly from surrounding area. Only five have been brought from Sri Lanka. In the castle there is large collection of hunting weapons from 18th and 19th centuries. Biggest one of them was not used to hunt elephants but ducks. It weights about 15-20 kg depending the amount of powder and shots. It took three men to shoot this riffle - two to hold the gun and one to shoot. When blast in to a flock of ducks nobles got food for several days and they didn’t have chance to miss them.


Duck season

Nowadays an 81 years old man privately owns the castle. Yes, we liked the castle a lot and there were just enough rooms for us but it was kind of chilly. Also 40 kilometres to school could come as obstacle done every day. Thus we continue our quest to find better apartment closer Charles University.

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