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Zoo in Troja area will beat very clearly a lot of other sights in Prague. For me it is a mystery how so few tourists have found their way to there, because it really is a wonderful place to spend time. Luckily we have friends with children visiting in here and because of that we must to visit also in Zoo.

In a map Zoo looks quite small and view from other bank of the river just supports this image. Inevitably the zoo of Berlin comes to my mind. It locates in a quite small area, which means that animals have small areas to live. Ok, it is nice to see them from very close, but I really feel sorry for animals. Now, after three moths living in a tiny box with another one from the same species (or so I think… usually) the feeling sorry gets very personal tendency. Luckily there is no one behind our window to peeking inside… except some here in the Internet.

Natural bluff

In a real life zoo is located in a steep hill that gives more space for it. All kind of mountain deers have their area in the deepest part of the hill and so they have very natural place to stay. Giraffes and zebras are behind the hill and on the top you can find for example very famous Przewalski horses. It is possible to go inside of some bird gages where some of the animals are so brave that they let people to touch them. On the other hand it is good to consider do you really want to let them peck at you.

Ibis, I suppose?

Also all casements have been planned and build very well. I suppose that is the main point that makes zoo so nice. Especially different houses were beautiful. The best one is absolutely Indonesian House, where interior and tropical climate gives the impression of the jungle. Most scary place is the cave of bats, were all those creatures either hang in the branch in a one clump or flit ghostly around the room. Other facilities were good as well. Outside of every animal house were places with water cups to dogs. Near to the main entrance were self-service restaurant with very good food and passable prices. Booths that sell ice cream and beer were in every second corner and between them you could find coffee and lemonade automates.

Isle of Apes

After a successful day only one thing is mystery. Where they could loose a whole herd of elephants that still in the noon were in the paddock and took sand baths. I check also the inside boxes, but they were just missing…