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If you are talking about Czech, what is the first thing what you imagine? Of course a finest beer and excellent food. The food everywhere is absolutely good (except most of the tourist area) and in restaurants it is so reasonably priced that you should consider twice before you start making it yourself.

Here is couple of traditional Czech foods what we have found:

Pochoutkove ”vepro-knedlo-zelo”

Imagine the smell of smoky pork and delicious sauce. Upper side of plate is different knedlikies (knedliky) that are made of boiled dough. Kndelikies on the left are made of bread dough, in the middle are potato knedlikies and in right side something what I didn’t recognise. Every one of them tasted very well, though my favourite version is made of potatoes. Pork steaks and cabbage and red wine for drink and the lunch is ready to eat.

Lunch 83 Kc = 2,8 €, Wine 36 Kc = 1,2 €

Bramborák - Potato Pancake

Potato pancake is not just a pancake but also a full meal. In this meal between two pancakes is very delicious pork steak. Appearance of lunch is little bit strange but the taste is heavenly good. Salads seems to be just a decoration, in the otherwise there would be more green things on the plate. With this food beer is your only choice to drink because pancake is quite salty.

Lunch 83 Kc = 2,8 € , Beer 24 Kc/0,5 l = 1,1 €

Smašený sýr - Fried Cheese

If you are travelling in Czech you are not going to miss the Fried Cheese… almost impossible. Fried cheese steak is offered usually with potatoes (French fries) and Tatar sauce. This is totally nightmare for those on diet, but it is also absolutely good.

Other things that is good to notice.

Do not go to restaurants where tips or cover charge will be included to the price of meal. This is quite good sign for possibility to get cheated. If you accept even one this kind of fee there will come more similar fees later. The price in the window could easily be double inside restaurant. When the first fee is told to you immediately leave the restaurant.

If service is not good there is no need to left tips to waiters. Waiters with unhappy faces and rude behaviour are quite usual sight and they are absolutely not worth of the tip.

In Czech also pubs offer food and they are in real restaurants in our standards. So, if you see sing of Budweiser or Pilsner, go inside and enjoy. If you happen to find out what it stands in Czech language menu good food in suitable price will come along.

Avoid tourist areas between the castle and Old Square. Food is double prised and half as good as other places. Also all the unhappy waiters go to work there. You should consider taking a subway and going somewhere little further. Prise of ticket is 12 Kc and you will win it ten times in the prices of food. For example some good restaurants are located just outside station I.P.Pavlova. Go any of them and notice that all are better then in downtown. There are good restaurants in tourist areas also but they are very hard to find.