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The End of World War II

Who would have figured I would live to see this day when Soviet tanks marched to the streets of Prague for the second time. First time they marched here 60 years ago when the Second World War ended as Soviet troops ‘liberated’ Prague. Now well, someone might remember that they also marched to here 1968 during so called Prague Spring, but that’s not true. It was the tanks of Warsaw Packt that marched on that time.

Well, in the name of truth I must admit that this time also Americans got all the way to the Prague. In fact most of the equipments that arrived were American. I think they came from direction of Plzen, where they were just a day ago. In year 1945 Americans were just an hour away from Prague but they never liberated Prague, because they had military agreement with Soviets, which said that Soviets will ‘liberate’ Prague. Many have thought what would have the world of Czech become if Americans would have liberated Prague instead of Russians.

The end of Second World War was celebrated in Czech with divided feelings. On one hand people would have wanted to celebrate those Russian soldiers who died defending this country but on the other hand no-one would have wanted to celebrate communists, since the same ‘liberation’ day started 40 years communist rule, which provoked lots of human right violations and persecutions. That’s probably why the celebrations in the streets of Prague were so quiet. Most typical people were families on their Sunday walk. For their children tanks and jeeps brought nice variation to their normal playgrounds. There was space even in Letna Park.

There were some reenactments of fights in the streets of Prague. For example takeover of Prague radio tower, which was and still is quite important to Czechs. In the end of the Second World War there rose resistance among Czechs in Prague against German occupation. It all begun from the takeover of radio tower. Locals took the tower and police protected them. German soldiers and police reinforced and the editor called help through radio, which Czechs responded by coming to the radio tower.

That triggered chain reaction that started the resistance. Some 2000 Czechs were killed and from today’s aspect those were unnecessary deaths since war ended few days later. There have been thoughts that this was just Stalin’s typical strategy, which he used in some other countries. He let the Germans handle resistance fighters before attacking, because the same revolutionary people would have probably been part of uprising against communist power too. Very logic thinking from man who had murdered even his own mother.