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In a previous article I told about panelaks, those concrete high-rises. Well, here are some photos of them. First ones are from place called Jizni Mesto and second from Hostivar. Both are in Prague 10 area, quite near to Kolej Hostivar. In fact Kolej Hostivars buildings are design products of the same era, although they have put some paint to cover biggest holes. Jizni Mesto is one of most famous panelaks suburban. It’s a glory of communists. Into these panelaks they tend to accommodate all foreign students. I suppose it’s a Czech way to show the world what kind of country they really are.

Words that describe panelaks: out of order, ugly, bad condition, alcoholism, unemployment, paper walls, rent regulation, far a way…

The biggest problem that Czech is facing is duality of the country – rich Prague and poor rest of the country. In fact Prague’s living standards are one of highest in Central Europe and that’s why city do not receive any more money from EU. But that don’t matter since according to locals city of Prague has become richer than the state. If someone needs money, it’s better to ask it from the city. And its no wonder since just last year 7 million tourists visited Czech and most of them in Prague. Seven million is quite much compared to population of Czech, which is 10 million. Some western parts of country has also got a taste of money due to German but eastern part are very poor. This is going to be a HUGE problem. Population of Prague is going to increase and social problems are going to gather to east. This is natural since Prague’s unemployment rate is something like 2 per cent and in eastern parts it is 20 per cent. And who knows, they might even come to your home since it’s time of free movement in Europe.

Jizni Mesto

Our next house in Hostivar

Promised land