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New Address

We have moved from Hostivar. Our new address is Archbishop's Palace outside Prague Castle. Yeah, I wish…

On Thursday we visited Archbishops Palace that is right outside Prague Castle. It is really amazing. The Palace is closed for public but Marie Cerna invited us there under course of Christianity in Czech. Charles IV became a king in 1344 and he founded Charles University 1348. Czech has been several times scenery of conflicts between Protestants and Catholics. On year 1661 all archbishops were Protestants. First archbishop was a head of order of Knights of Malta. These knights were very rich and were able to build Archbishops Palace.

We had an invitation by Mrs Cerna to join the course Christianity in Czech. The lecturer at this time was Archbishops secretary Mr Kofron. First he showed us places in the Palace. We went to the roof where was very nice view over Prague. From the roof you could see the Charles Bridge and the Prague’s Eiffel tower that is actual imitation of one from Paris. Some tourists came back from Paris in 19th century and were fascinated by it. They built the tower in three months and it is one sixth of the one in Paris. The facé of the building just in front of the Archbishops Palace was visible for many places of Prague. It was built at Napoleons time. A Building with envelope like figures is imitation from one in Florence.

Then we walked through gilded and painted halls and visited a small cathedral. We were even trusted with one secret doorway so that we didn’t have to queue next time J. In this building were filmed some parts of film Amadeus that tells about Mozart’s life.

After really nice round we had a cup of coffee and listened Mr Kofrons lecture. He had really interesting things to tell us. During communist era he was part of secret organisation that kept the Christianity alive in Czech. Organisation constructed out of academic and ordinary people. Czech has been several times under pressure of different believers. This is probably one reason why many Czechs today are atheistic or Christians but don’t really go to church. People have simply lost their faith to church.