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Narodni Divadlo

Our first visit to National Theatre of Prague happened when we went to see famous ballet Swan Lake. In Finland tickets to theatre are quite expensive so it was surprising to see the price of student tickets in here. This beautiful ballet takes only 30 Kc, which is approximately one euro and opera will be just a little bit more. Our places were naturally no the best places, but in Narodni Divadlo it didn’t matter.

Little bit about Theatre. Building locates on the east bank of Vltava. You can recognize it easily because of big profile and beautiful roof with stars. In the nigh time building has been lightened very well. Narodni Divadlo has an interesting history. At the end of the 19th century people raised money at Prague for building a theatre. Just before opening ceremonies the whole building burned. After two years they build it again for this form what it is today.

The entrance of theatre is at Narodni Street. Behind heavy door curtains you will find a festive entrance hall, where doormen dressed for cloaks check tickets. We had to climb a lot of stairs to reach the Second gallery, where our seats were.

The theatre is just incredible for those who haven’t ever been before such kind of places. Auditorium is very steep and shared with balconies where every row is half meter higher than previous. My seat was in very last row, but still the view was good enough. From the level of chandeliers you have an excellent place to observe to whole hall. Seats and walls are covered by red plush and there are a lot of decorations made by gilded materials. Local painters have made roof frescoes and beautiful red curtain that is decorated with gold.

The Ballet was wonderful. The Famous Dance of Little Swans and the whole third act with amazing dances were most memorable parts of ballet. The story of the Swan Lake is quite sad, but the show was marvellous!