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Moravský Kras

Moravský Kras is located north from Brno, the second largest city in Czech. These stalagmite caves are over 20 kilometres long but public can only enter few kilometres. We visited caves in Punkev. It is recommended that you reserve the visit in for hand because there is only limited number of people taken to each tour and there are many who would like to go especially in summer time.


Tour starts with walking and continues by boats trough underground river. Stalagmites are nature’s art, which have been formed trough out millions of years. Pillars grow one millimetre in about 3 to 5 years. One part of the caves has been collapsed and that area is rich of different species of bats. Don’t be afraid, the caves don’t collapse anymore and the bats are out only during night and they eat insects instead of blood. There is plenty of space in the caves so you won’t feel squeezed.

You can’t take the car all the way to the caves but you’ll have to leave it in the parking place of Skalni Mlýn few kilometres from the caves. There is transportation to caves but you can also walk. If you’ll buy a ticket to the lift you can also see the collapsed part up from the hill. Total cost for the visit comes up to 6-7 euros per person. By walking and being a student you’ll manage with 2 euros. At the area there is nice looking hiking routes, which you could spend more time on but maps aren’t easily found.