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Around the city there are several menza’s meaning student restaurants. Food served there is simple but you’ll get it plenty. I don’t get the idea of using these coupons at menza’s then again I am not that a smart as Czech are. It takes a time for small town boy like me. You get these coupons with numbers from your department. Then when you go to eat to menza at first you have to change these coupons to other coupons or to receipt and give the money at the same time. Then when you are in a line you’ll give this coupons or receipts away and voilá – there you have it on your tray.

I have discovered that there is one sheet for every month. Every sheet has numbers from 1 to 10 and they mean the dishes you are able to get. If you give number ten you don’t have to eat ten dishes unless you like but you’ll get back coupons with smaller number. I have not yet figured out why the sum of numbers on the sheet is 60. That would mean that I could go eat to menza’s twice every day. But it would take a miracle to put into me two dishes food in three hours that most menza’s are open. So you’ll have plenty of coupons to share to your friends. And these are the places even a students can afford to buy some food to their friends. Food cost about 30 Kc that is about one euro. In most places you are even able to choose your food from few that are served. Take what ever looks nice because you can’t possibly be sure what’s in them unless you manage with Czech language.

The great thing is that in menza’s you are able to have usual and traditional Czech foods. If you would go to an ordinary restaurant you would pay ten times as much to get these lovely foods. I can imagine that for a fat Americans and British students a visit in menza’s will be their last one. I can tell you a little secret – they don’t serve any pizzas or hamburger there… ever. So you have only possibility to ether starve, get used to it or find an ordinary restaurant. For hillbilly like me who have used to eat grass the food is excellent. Before I got here I heard that the food in menza’s would not be good but that’s not true, only drinks served with food are. You only get warm tee and if you are lucky it’s hot. Good thing about tee is that it’s boiled and thus safer to drink. In some places they even serve water but then again you are allowed to take your own drinks into menza and beer never ends here.

Bon apetit!

There is really nice menza in Kolej Hostivar that we recommend.

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