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Masters Promotion

King Charles IV founded Charles University in 1348 and it is oldest of Centre Europe. Leader of our faculty Mrs Marie Cerna invited all exchange students to see Master’s Promotion that is kept only twice a year. The ways of the promotion were unique as the University is very old. In the Promotion University staff was dressed middle age stylish clots that were marvellous. Much more festive ceremony than Finnish version is. Ceremony was at the oldest building of Charles University known as Carolinum. University got it for permanent use in 1366.

Promotor Doc.Dr. Marie Cerna

At first new masters came to hall through guests and after them came University staff in order of rank. Faculty board representative Doc.Dr Marie Kubikova gave short speech and after that all new masters introduced them selves to the representative of University board Doc.Dr. Stanislav Stech a vice-rector of University.

Click here to hear Gaudeamus Igitur

Doc.Dr Marie Cerna promoted all new pedagogical masters. She gave all the new masters a blue velvet tube that probably contained the Master’s Certification. On her chest were golden chain with medal that only university and faculty leaders are honoured to keep. Organs played famous music called Gaudeamus Igitur. In the promotion there were also mean and king like looking men who probably were sometimes guards and nowadays more or less ceremonial leaders. They had nice looking sceptres that were touched by all the new masters. Even though this ceremony was in Czech that we can understand very little, we enjoyed being there. It is really nice tradition.


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