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Lednice and Valtice

Lednice and Valtice area is located as south in Czech as you can get. The area is famous for its wine production. Czech itself lies just a little too far in north to be suitable for growing wine. And thus Lednice and Valtice area is practically only wine area in Czech. The area is also on UNESCO world heritage list and is full of special nature, for example flood forests.

Villages of Lednice and Valtice forms the frame of southern wine area and they lies about seven kilometres away from each other. Between these villages is the one of most famous biking routes of the Czech republic. You can rent a bike from each town with about 8 euros per day. Recommend route goes between these villages but is not direct. It goes through wine fields and groves and you even discover few special buildings along the way. It was a little weird when suddenly just in the middle of forest there was a triumphal arch and in the next place a gothic memorial stone. What the heck they were doing in there. You should ask about the route from local town info centres but we recommend that if you start from Valtice take right turn just after you cross the railway track and follow the red route. Ou and by the way, it is not possible to travel this route by car.

When you visit Valtice it is likely better idea to find a place to stay over night and a parking place for your car before you enter the splendid wine cellars. There is zero tolerance of alcohol in Czech when driving. First check the official wine cellars with respect and little laughs with fine decorations and then go to the real local wine cellar located in bad shaped building just on the left side of main entrance of town castle. It is reasonably priced and full of atmosphere of actual wine cellar.

The Castle of Valtice

Wine Cellar

In the town of Lednice there is weird castle that represents different styles. The garden gets even folks from Paris envy. It includes water area, which is rich from its diversities. You can easily go around the area by walking and half way you can stop to see the area from bird perspective from minaret. And after climbing the stairs you do not need any refreshments, as world around you is already moving.

The Castle of Lednice