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Kutná Hora

Kutná Hora locates app. 70 km east from Prague and you can find city also from the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage List. By train it takes only one hour to get there. Kutná Hora has become famous because of silver mining. The town was founded in the late of 13th century and soon mine provided one third of European production of silver. Today you can go to see the mine and visit a museum and exhibitions of mining.

Cathedral of St. Barbora

There are actually two interesting buildings in Kutná Hora. First one is Cathedral of St. Barbora that was founded in 1388. Building took many centuries and construction was finally completed in the beginning of 20th century. The Church is one of the most beautiful gothic cathedrals in Europe and you can recognize it easily from the form of the roof that reminds three tents. Inside of church are for example beautiful organ and many wonderful stained glasses. St. Barbora is a patron saint of miners. In church you can find paintings about mining and statue of miner in working clothes. They take an entrance fee to get to the church. No wonder that most of the Czechs are atheistic. And it is also forbidden to take photographs, so I wonder in which place do they have all the celebrations.

Bone Chapel

The All Saints Cemetery Church in Sedlec is much more interesting place. In year 1278 king Otakar II send Henry, who was abbot of the Sedlec monastery, to Jerusalem. When Henry came back from the Holy Land he brought a handful of earth from the Golgata and scattered it all over the cemetery. The Cemetery was now part of the Holy Land and many people wanted to get their last place to rest from there. During the plague epidemic thousands of people were buried in the cemetery and after hundred years during Hussite wars number of graves increased. The Chapel itself was founded late of 14th century. The decoration of chapel is interesting – it is made of human bones.

Half-blinded monk made first bone pyramids at 1511. Later on Schwarzenbergs family got the property of the monastery for themselves and they gave for wood carver Frantisek Rint a task to make new decorations. A huge chandelier in the middle of the chapel contains all bones of human body. Under that is entrance to crypt. In the left side is coat-of-arms of the Schwarzenbergs made also from bones. More objects are for example big bone chalice and bone crosses.

The interior of church is indescribable. It is so absurd that you can’t even hate it. It is more like a museum or something else than a church. But it is absolutely a place worth to visit. Even though this place is not a necropolis it is just the kind of places that you can imagine necromancers to work like they do in fantasy world.

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