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At last we had a time to make a real trip to the nature. Already the planning got me feel better, when I knew that after a while I can leave Prague behind and go to the misty mountains… Krkonose is one of the national parks of Czech. It locates on the border of Poland. It is called also in the Giant Mountains, but I am not so sure about of the reason for this name. The mountains are not so gigantic in my standards. The highest point of Czech can be founded also from Krkonose. Snežka is the name of the mountain and it is 1602 meters from the sea level. It was a first stop in our route.

Actually quite many had also founded their way to Snežka, because the whole mountain was a full of the people. I don’t want even imagine what it looks like when a season really starts. Everyone who is not in the wheelchair or don’t use rollator is able to reach Snežka, because there comes a chair lift from village Pec pod Snezkou. Walking sticks are actually trend in trekking, so using of them is more advantageous than something else.

Views from Snežka

After Snežka there is less people and more peace. Krkonose is not a real wilderness, because there is hut or village after every ten kilometres at least. You can get a room and food from every hut and accommodation is usually as good as in hotels. We used Lucni bouda (hut) and Petrova bouda at this time. First one was more quality and more expensive; second one good enough with very good prise. Finnish hiking mentality does not fit here at all. It is better to take the trip like a normal walk in a city park. Only views are more beautiful than in home!

If you continued from Petrova hut towards Harrachov, you can find probably the second highest peak of Krkonose and breathtaking views down to valleys. Path goes also via very extraordinary rock formations that almost call you to climb up. The best thing is to take a bear with you and climb up just sitting and taking a look for magnificent views.

Route to Spindlerova hut

Even though there is no need to use special equipments because on thick network of huts and villages you should still remember two things good shoes and passport! Hiking shoes you need because paths are often very rocky and it is easy to sprain an ankle. Passport is needed because the route goes via national border and you’ll visit more than once also in Poland. At least in Spindlerova hut there could be pass control managed by local police.

Harrachov, Pec pod Snežkou and Spindleruv Mlýn are good starting and ending points to Krkonose trip, because there is a regular buss connection between each one of them with Prague. From Pec pod Snežkou you can use chair lift to get to the Snežka. Between Spindleruv Mlýn and Spindlerova bouda in local buss connection.

Pictures from Krknose area