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Divoka Sárka

Green Area number one in Prague locates in the end of tramlines 20 and 26. Divoka Sarka is nicer place than many of others and maybe that is the reason why it is so less advertised. Locals don’t want that all people from the centre will find their way to there. Far a away from the noise of the city is a swimming pool, which is, with asphalt roads, almost sacrilege to this lovely place of nature. The place would have been even more wonderful without those urban things.

You can choose which way to get familiar with the canyon. One way is to follow the road in the bottom on canyon. There you can almost forget the closeness of the city. “Away from eyes and ears – away from the mind” will really work there. You can also climb up to the edge and see the whole place at one glance. Absolutely best views you can find by climbing up to quite hard-reachable rock formation that locates in the middle-way of canyon route. To find a best way to there is your mission. I just wanted to give a tip! Because it is so hard to describe what is a best in this place, you have to go there yourself and feel it. I think that it is worth of it.

Divoka Sarka in early Spring