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Day-Care Center for Youth with Mental Retardation

Although so can be believed I don't mean our apartment. I really did visit private funded a Day-Care Center for Youth with Mental Retardation at Sedlec just the outer rears of Prague. This happened after really nice madam Maria Cerna from faculty of education invited me to join their course. And it was worth going to. You rarely get to know the ways of other cultures this closely. I would have preferred to stay with them longer and learn my way to be chef's assistant but unfortunately I still have some things to do at the University.

PE room

Day-Care Center was founded in 1993 and its basic idea is to help mentally handicapped people to engage in society after they have finisheds primary school and to get them to work markets. Place was destroyed in 2002 by the floods of Vltava and it was rebuild 2003. In Sedlec lives six mentally handicapped people and around the Prague there is also several shelters. Sedlec also organizes social activities and rehabilitation.

Chef's future assistans

Occupation classroom

Painting about the place as it ones was

Living and textiles work classroom