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Czech Today 27.3.

It looks very strong that Czech is going to have early elections. The Prime Minister is highly unwanted and his Social Democrat party do not like to fire him. Another main party, Christian Democrat, is likely to walk a way from government. There have been some campaigns against Prime Minister and latest poll reviles that only 18% of Czechs have positive feelings about their Prime Minister and 89% feel like vice. The stock markets have already reacted to this as foreign investors leave the country.

The Praques Castle the Charles Bridge

It hasn’t rained snow this much in Czech republic in 15 years as it has this winter. That combined to rapid increase of temperature could affect large floods. Last time Czech experienced floods in spring 2002. At that time there were huge material damage and it cost some lives. This time they say they are better prepared but I have my doubts about it. Well, luckily in this panelaks suburban there is only one rotten ditch, which won’t flood even if it was raining snow in the middle of summer.