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Brevnov Monastery

Benedictus Nursian founded first west European order of monks. His lifework became a basis for all western orders of monks. One of his thesis was “ora et labora” which means prey and work, that today is basic rule of many orders. Brevnov monastery was found in 993 when king Boleslav II and bishop Vojtech met on fountain near Prague and decided to build monastery to that place.

The monastery was destroyed many times on wartime. For example famous battle of White Mountain was very near the monastery. The current monastery is from 18th century and represents baroque style. During communist era in 1948-1989 Brevnov monastery was used as a headquarter of secret police. There were no monks and they couldn’t work elsewhere because Benedict order requires community and those times it was impossible.

There are 13 monks at the moment in Brevnov monastery. Each of them works according their abilities. Main occupations of the monastery are tourism and some publishing. The church and garden of monastery are open on weekends. During excavations in 1969 they revealed the old Romanesque crypt underneath current church and some stable buildings. The crypt is open for public but stables are covered with earth again so that they would preserve better. Word monastery is in central European languages called often ‘klaster’, which means closed place. Monasteries were former at least partially closed from public. In Brevnov this area was the monks quarters and garden but nowadays public is able to enter the garden.

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